Thursday, 7 January 2016

Welcome to 2016 + Catching up on Reverse Empty Nesting.


We had our first New Years party here in our apartment.
Twenty-six people managed to settle in.
I reckon we could have managed more. 
That was just in the living room.
Anyway more on that later.

So, here I am again.
It has been a long time since I wrote last.
I have made lots of stuff,
renovated an apartment, moved house & unpacked.
My younger daughter turned 21,
 my Mum turned 70
 & we went on holidays in the middle of moving. 
Also I have become a regular walking stick user,
 due to an increase in my osteoarthritis.
Needless to say I have a lot to catch you up on.
I have a stack of photos of our apartment transformation.
Before & after.
Here I go.............
This is what it looked like when we first got the keys.
We bought it about 7 years ago.
The walls were pale cooked salmon pink, 
carpet beige plus 'oyster' light fittings.
Here are some other photos of the space before I tinkered with it.
 This cupboard was snapped up by me quick smart.
I promised my Non Crafting Husband that my art supplies would not escape from this cupboard or my workroom.
(see below)
 I chose the end of the apartment that has the most subtle light.
I love it.
It doesn't really have a view
 - just the front doors of the apartments across from us
 As you can see it was all pretty bland.
No shelving except in the kitchen cupboards etc.
 The existing dryer found a new home with my Mother.
This is my first internal laundry.
 Below is the view from NCH's (non crafting husband) study.
First came the planning on where everything would go.
I printed out some plans & added measurements.
Then measured all the furniture I wanted to fit
 & made little squares to scale.
You can see my work room with little Yellow squares.
These were squares that were bits of furniture
 that were going into my room.
I worked out the order should be
- lighting
- painting
Fridge, washing machine & dryer moved in while the carpet was still down.
- then floor.

Everything pretty well went to plan.
Except the dryer had a broken part.
...............then move in.
So lighting first;
 First went the oyster lights.
 In went ceiling Fans in every room.
I wanted task lighting - 
that was going to be added to with fairy lights everywhere.
 Our brilliant electrician put lighting tracks up
 so we can move the lights around to suit our needs.

I started experimenting with colours.
I love strong colours & because I wanted to put up my artwork,
 I wanted a background which would enhance it.
I chose darker, stronger colours
 The dark blue below is my workroom.
I do my best work at night
- so I wanted to replicate working at night.
 My Non Crafting Husband may not be into CRAFT,
but he is into Football (or soccer).
this wall records his two favourite teams.
AC Milan & Western Sydney Wanderers.
 I am SO glad that at least they use the same colours.
The other walls are white.
This is one with the blind down,
 so you can see the walls in all their glory.
This is our bedroom.
I found the side tables at Ikea.
The colour just happened to be the same colour as the walls.
What a fluke!
 Carpet up.
14 mm bamboo floor & thickest insulation laid.
Looks good don't it?
Then more furniture was added.

then more was unpacked.
I made a couple of bookcases using small kitchen cabinet boxes.
 Then started to unpack my books.
 My workroom - folktale collection just outside the door.
 Books half unpacked............
 A small travel book collection,
 with a watercolour hanging above that I painted
 of some stone stairs in the Sydney Royal Botantic Gardens.

Childrens' books & cook books
I also started hanging up the artwork I have done & kept.

So now that I have unpacked everything,
I can start designing again.

 Surrounded by all my tools & books of craftiness & history.
I love working in my room.
It is truly lovely.
New Years Eve.
 I love the space.
Because it is open plan I can move all the furniture to the edges to make the space bigger.
This where I like to relax.
Fairy lights & all.
The horse on top of the cupboard is one of my cross stitch designs.
And then there is the morphing of the balcony.
It went from this.......

to this........

 I have a small collection of orchids.
They are really enjoying being here.
LOOK - new growth.
that has got to be the longest post I have done.
Don't forget, you can click on the photos to make them bigger.
Until Next Post........